One funnel to rule them all;
and in the fineness bind them

Yavvy close deals faster

Yavvy for Sales

  • Contact Management

    Yavvy helps you remember the people in your lives; and the people in those people's lives. Emails, conversations, customer-relationships and everything else that shows you care.

  • Design your funnel

    Yavvy keeps it flexible with the ability to design sales funnels. You can add stages, define milestone activities and track lead flow through the same.

  • Estimates & Quotes

    The easier than ever estimate generation tool allows you to create quotes on the fly. Designer templates make sure your documents look professional and easy to read. With all the documents at one place, it sure is super easy to track the estimates, contracts etc

Yavvy for Operations

  • Order Tracking

    Its easier than ever to stay on top of your order book with Yavvy. Track sales and purchase ordes with enormouse ease through our small business invoicing platform

  • Invoicing

    The integrated Yavvy platform helps you generate invoices from within. With such ease, you'll never put off generating invoices for another day

Yavvy deliver quicker

Yavvy paid quicker

Yavvy for Payments

  • Payments

    Yavvy integrates with several payment gateways to make it easier to collect payments. What's more it keeps tab of payment delays and allows you to send automated reminders as well

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